Our Mission

Mission Statement: Saving Our Sons,Families & Communities Through Accountable Male Leadership Engagement In Community Empowerment Programming For A Better Society For Man, Woman & Child.

Vision Statement: The vision of The Made Man Foundation is to uplift & engage accountable male leadership in community service programming for the underserved to create a sustainable socio-economic and racially equitable society for man, woman and child.

Mantra: Unity is Strength. We are all the village, we are all its believers, we are all its functions, we are all its results- undergirds a distinct mission to bridge gaps between woman, man & child forwarded by its vision for an improved society by encouraging accountability , mentorship and responsibility of positive male leadership

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The Made Man Foundation, Inc (TMM) was established in 2015 and incorporated as a 501c3 in 2018. TMM has built a robust and collective network dedicated to global socioeconomic and community advancement. The organization advocates for mentorship, education, effective leadership, gender empowerment, equality, economic development and social justice.

Unity is strength. We all are the village, we all are its believers, we all are the function, we all are its results.

TMM Global Initiatives

Youth Mentoring

Education Advancement

Gender Equity Building

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Economic Empowerment

Community Organizations Mission Support

Workforce Employability Development

Transformational Leadership Development

The Made Man Foundation addresses challenges that affects men who have many roles including father, son, husband, mentor, leader, nephew to name a few, which in turn has the breadth and depth to affect every member of society as a whole.

TMM engagement strategy addresses a strength based & positive approach for transformational leadership by understanding the need to uplift & empower, showcase and recognize extraordinary achievements of notable male influencers for leadership in their respective fields of work , social consciousness and significant contributions to community empowerment , while building a bridge for these male influencers to engage , inspire , motivate & invest in our communities.

TMM features leaders invested in being involved and evolved to address issues that impact societal stability and empowers men to actualize optimization in the home, family, professional development for community advancement of all , to include men, women and youth respectively.

TMM foundation addresses the social , business narrative and imagery of male leadership by connecting and engaging their good deeds in their communities , businesses and themselves.

TMM addresses the social, business narrative and imagery of male leadership by highlighting, connecting and engaging their good deed in their communities, businesses and themselves.  TMM understands that the purpose of engaging positive male leaders is also to empower women and children as a part of the village that develops supportive programming, properties and partnerships that benefit the entire community and make for a better world for everyone, everywhere.

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TMM Global Initiatives

        • Youth Mentoring
        • Gender Equity Building Together
        • Workforce Employability Development
        • Economic Empowerment
        • Transformational Leadership Development
        • Educational Advancement
        • Community Organizations Mission Support & Empowerment
        • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Enhancement

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A global women’s advocacy committee bridges the gap between man-woman-child by working closely with The Made Man Foundation , coalitions, and members of the community to identify gender equity advocacy opportunities and plan strategic activities to support and further The Made Man mission to ensure a better world . Women of WIN role model, inspire and extend resources to empower and invest in our communities. The WIN provides strategic support to existing TMM campaigns with the primary goal to promote programmatic investments in men, women and children across critical issues areas in line with the Made Man initiatives .


TMM USA Leadership Council Host Committee

The Made Man Foundation Leadership Council is a collection of influencers and stakeholders that collaboratively achieve community engagement and community empowerment.

TMM USA Advisory Committee

The Made Man Foundation Advisory Committee is a collection of transformed & accountable male leaders in community service engagement for the betterment of man, woman & child.

The Made Man is Supported By

We thank all of our partners, sponsors, and supporters.

The Made Man (TMM) is a multi-channel organization that highlights and connects positive male change agents as role models and leaders, harnessing the power of mentorship and responsibility. We feature leaders who are invested in elevating the image of men by encouraging accountability to address issues that impact societal stability, in the home, professionally, and personally, to include fellow men, women, and youth.

Program Impact


Accountable Male Leaders Engaged in Community Empowerment Programming


Corporations Engaged

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Women Advocates engaged to encourage equitable society programming for man, woman & child


Media Impressions Promoting Positive Male Leadership Imagery


Community Organizations Engaged


Suits Collected & Donated


Youth Impacted


College Applications Sponsored

The Made Man foundation is dedicated to uplifting entire communities through an involved and evolved man who reflects a commitment to empower & invest in our communities.