The Made Man Outreach Programs

Creating better ways to influence, engage and impact the world about us.

Our Initiatives

The Made Man’s execution and sustainability model includes strategically producing in-market tours globally, executing community engagement programs, partnerships and leveraging e-learning and digital platforms as cornerstones to enhance the impact and empowerment of leaders, supporters and communities we serve.

Through our community engagement, program activations and technology platforms, we focus on the following initiatives.

The Made Man Key Initiatives

  • Youth and Young Male Mentoring
  • Advancement of Education
  • Gender Equity: Building Together
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Community Organizations Mission Support & Empowerment
  • Transformational Male Leadership & Development
  • Workforce & Employ-ability Development

Community Organizations Mission Support and Empowerment

Community Engagement

The Made Man highlights and connects positive male role models for inspiration and role modeling and engages them in community service programming to empower underserved individuals. These community programs support the attainment of The Made Man initiatives.

Current Programs

Community Organizations Mission Support and Empowerment


The Made Man Foundation in market activations is designed to give honorees an opportunity to positively others with tools for success. The in market activations embraces the power of engaging leaders in each market as a sustainable solution to build relationships.

In-Market Events

Community Organizations Mission Support and Empowerment


The Made Man Foundation produces digital platforms in support of e-learning , collaboration and e-forums designed to stay connected, provide empowerment tools , build stronger relationships & maintain accountability.

Digital Properties

  • Mastermind Series, eLearning
  • FundMyEd, College Application Financial Assistance
  • ME, Mentors Engagement App*
  • SuitUp App*

*Technology is currently in production.